Crazy Diarrhea

One last link for the day (unless I find another :): Hanzi Smatter is a blog about asian characters being used incorrectly, especially in tattoos. I’ve always gotten a kick out of people who otherwise have nothing to do with asian culture getting these things put on themselves, permanently. It’s a fun, quick read.

Each of today’s links is via Boing Boing a blog that before today, I had only heard about. Silly me. What have I been missing out on?

  1. Hehe, that site reminds me of, only the flip side I guess.

    I get a kick out of stuff like that. Some people get really offended about others pointing out stupidity like that, but I think it’s pretty darn funny. Irreverent, sure, but hilarious. =)

  2. To be fair, most people getting these tattoos are just as clueless about English words.

  3. Mac brings up a good point, I suppose. (:

  4. I just got an auto-reply from a (japanese) company website, confirming my famiry name and address =)

  5. is it just me, or is the boingboing link broken?

  6. the link was in fact wrong, I fixed it though. (:

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