A few new links

I added two links in the People We’ve Never Met category. First off is Dooce, who is a great read. I first ran into her blog because she’s one of the high-profile bloggers-who-have-been-fired-for-blog-content. Now that’s never happened to me, mind you, but I could certainly empathize with someone who has had that happen. She doesn’t blog a whole lot about that anymore though. She’s an aethist in Utah, ex-webdesigner, mother of a small child. She’s an excellent writer. I’ve linked her before, but now it’s official, she’s a keeper. (:

The second is Kentucky Fried Adventures. It’s written by a woman who I get the impression is still in her twenties, is a lawyer, comes from kentucky, is vaguely god-fearing but mostly aetheist and has a hilarious outlook on life. As to her content, I must warn you that she can and does peg the crude-o-meter. You’ve been warned. That being said, I recommend each of these two blogs heartily. They’re amusing reads. As always, either one or both of them could be pure fiction. You never can tell. It’s amusing either way though.

  1. Kentucky Fried Adventures would be an even better blog if the link worked… : (

  2. (If you delete the extra quote mark at the end of the link, it does.) =Þ

  3. I fixed the link… I’m really not sure how it got broken though. I explicitly checked the links right after I posted, just to be sure I didn’t do something silly like that.

    Oh well, thanks for catching that. (:

  4. “She can and does peg the crude-o-meter”


    That was the proudest moment I’ve had all day. You’re on spot with all your summations, but pal, I gotta tell you. If I had to make some of this shit up, I’d be more afraid of my neuroses than my liver.

  5. waveline:

    I’m glad you took my missive as it was intended, as a round-about compliment. I do truly enjoy your blog. Your life as different from mine as a life could be, and it’s nice to see the other side of the fence now and then. That, and you’ve managed to show me that some lawyers do in fact have some vestigal humanity hanging onto them.

  6. and while I’m thinking about it, you’re quite right. If you made up everything that you blog about… I dunno, wow. Overactive wouldn’t begin to describe that imagination.

  7. How funny… I just started reading Dooce about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been too cowardly to link her, since my work/church peers read my blog and probably think of blogs I link to as writing that I wholly approve of. Sigh. Dooce is very entertaining, though.

  8. I hear you Wendy. I started reading Dooce maybe a month ago, at the most. I considered not linking, but since I read fairly often, I figured I might as well link, at least for a while.

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