Like the weather outside, and my feeling of general heathiness at the moment, I rate today as a resounding “Bleck!” on the day-ratings scale. It’s one of those days where I don’t really feel like posting at all, but am going to anyway, just to keep the blogdog fed.

I’ve been feeling really off today. I’m blaming my sinuses (sinii?) for the ordeal, as much because they can’t offer any sort of coherent retort as out of any sense of real guilt on their part. They are quite stuffed, and have led to a real inability to think today, let alone get much done. Worse, they’ve been making me feel slightly dizzy all day. Super blah.

Anyway, it’s not like I’m in a bad mood or anything. I feel fine inside my brain. The body just isn’t cooperating with the general mood memo that my mind is sending out. I suppose it’s kind of like my body is going on strike, crying out against the foul treatment that it generally gets. “More heathful food!” yell some parts of me. “More excercise!” yell other parts. “More cowbell!” inflect yet other parts. You get the picture.

I’ll post more if and when my body decides to get with the program, and get down to some good old collective bargaining.

The Surgeon General warns that this post provides more than 170% of your daily required incoherence. Repeated consumption of this post could lead to feelings of self-doubt, loathing, or food cravings. This post caused nausea in approxiamtely equal numbers of our test group as the placebo post did. Readers who experience dramatic weight loss should discontinue reading immediately. As with any blog post, consulting your physician before consumption will only yield quizzicle questions such as “what’s a blog” or “couldn’t you get fired for that?”.

  1. kinda weird,
    that is almost exactly how i’ve felt all day today also(except my sinuses are runny, not stuffed).

  2. Actually, me, too. Exactly the same. You know what we all have in common? Your blog.

  3. Oh great, and I just started reading his blog again. Should I be wearing a mask?

  4. too late, it infects on contact. The only question now, is Sudafed or Contact? 😛

  5. I felt that way all day yesterday too, but I live with Dave.

    No where to run to, no where to hide.

  6. I vote Sudafed. It’s been keeping me on my feet on the days everyone at work is spraying their germs around.

  7. Charles, I’m disturbed by the fact that at reading your post an image involving your colleagues walking around with these popped into my head:

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