Two links for j00!

First, feast your eyes on post-modern leftist-preying marketing. If only I had such good ideas.

Secondly, for my single, male, math-infatuated friends, I submit this girl: math geekess.

  1. Hrm, I like the way the rabbit guy thinks….
    /me starts scheming evilly

  2. And he has $15,000 already? Wow…that’s…wow.

  3. Urbana certainly has a lot of rabbits running around; I wonder if this would work again.

  4. Hmmmm…I have bunnies living near my house….

    And a pet cockatiel….

    And my pastor is trying to get rid of his dog….

    So many potential sources of income….

    Ellipsis (ellipsis ellipsis) period….

  5. I’m not so sure a pet cockatiel would taste all that good.

  6. It’s all in the spicing…though I really doubt I could eat my own pet.

  7. This is absolutely brilliant. Now, if we can just find a conservative alternative.Hmmmm…. Raising money so the yuppie neighborhood won’t be threatened by dirty vegans, replete with chakra workshops, hemp, and deadhead vans parked in the front? That would give the granola set some financial leverage, for sure.

  8. I think I’ll just kind of take a blank stare, toss in a little arched eyebrow, and aim it at Waveline for a while.

  9. She’s right though. What would scare the yuppies more than that? Well, I mean, other than black people.

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