war3 total conversion to starcraft

Apparently some fans are designing a total conversion of war3 to starcraft. The homepage is here. The models look really well done to me. I’m excited. They may never finish, but here’s hoping. Starcraft was such a good game!

  1. Cool!! Am I the only dork that still plays WCIII?

  2. Oh, I’m sure there are plenty of other dorks that still play it.


  3. Hrm. You don’t want to know how much War3 Dave and I still play. Lately we’ve even gotten Froyd and Jerry in on the fun.

    Such a good game.

  4. Mikey, et al,

    Hey, share the wealth. I’m done with finals tomorrow and will be seeking much amusement.

    jeremy.showalter at that gmail place if you want to email.


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