Hail the Ides of March

So, do you need a little information on Online Poker? Probably not. But now that I’ve linked the wikipædia page with that link text, like millions of other bloggers are, it will begin to gain googlerank above the sites of comment spammers who are attempting to exploit the bloggoverse for their own gain. Interesting meme, if nothing else.

Other terms of interest to the current googlebomb attempt are viagra and mortgage. Did you go into debt buying viagra, and need a mortgage?

Carry on folks, nothing to see here. Just sticking it to the man.

  1. No, we are the man that spammers are trying to stick it to. This is an unsticking attempt, not a sticking attempt. A countersticking operation. I don’t think it’ll work, the bloggers would have to drown out their own blogs with fake spam to be effective, which is just sticking it to yourself. Could be a sticky situation if everyone sticks with it. OK, I think we need a soapy dishcloth here.

  2. Interestingly approach though. I saw this story on slashdot. It’s kind of backwords though, in my opinion. Why link to Online Poke (r) in your blog? Is it sticking it to the man? “The man” had a bot crawl blogs and post this worthless stuff, whereas we now have several thousand bloggers who have taken time out of their day to link to these various wiki entries and feel good about sticking it to the aforementioned “man”.

    Also, look at the end result. What is someone who is searching for “online poke (r)” on google hoping to find? Odds are that individual would like to know where he can go play online poke (r). So all this cumulative effort across the blogoverse has done little other then make his search return less of what he wanted. Besides, say wiki get’s that coveted #1 spot? So what. The comment spammers will still comment spam, becuase whatever is in #2 at that point, that’s the hot real estate worth having 😉

    Hah, what’s really funny was that I tried to help you out by having another link to Online Poke .. r and it wouldn’t accept my post becuase of the questionable content: Poke (r)

  3. I don’t think for a minute that this will have any huge effect on blog spamming. At best, it will only displace all the spam sites by one spot, which is meaningless.

    On the other hand, it’s an interesting excercise, that didn’t take me much time to participate in.

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