I feel nauseated

I discovered Showmeyourwound.com today, thanks to Dooce. It’s like a train wreck. You just can’t look away. Now I’m sitting here almost ready to toss breakfast up on my desk. ::shiver::

View at your own risk, obviously. For some, that could be an amazing diet. Look at that site once an hour, you’ll never want to eat again!

  1. Oh come on, why would you even go to that site? I’m not even tempted. I’ll never see it unless someone gives me a Clockwork-Orange-esque surfing session. If you saw a hole with a sign on it saying “Stick finger here to experience unimaginable torment” would you do it?

  2. You are talking to the man who once tried to catch a 3 lb onion in his mouth even though he had braces.

    He also smells his own feet for fun.

    So, no I’m not surprised.

  3. To be fair, I generally smell my shoes, not my feet directly. Although I don’t have any problem smelling my feet.

  4. He claims his feet smell sweet. It might be true, but I’ll never know.

    The onion story is what it is.

  5. Again, to be fair, I caught the onion as much as something the size of a softball can be caught in one’s mouth.

  6. I stand corrected. 😉

  7. oooh, uh….is it wrong to stick your finger in the unimaginable torment hole for fun?

  8. uh, ew? 😛

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