Free anime, it seems. I’ve watched the first one. It’s quite good. Ninjai.

  1. The first two things that I read on Dave’s blog had to do with police-defying role-playing and threatening to eat babies for money (albeit a baby bunny). I was inspired to continue reading due to the high entertainment value I was receiving. This progressed into open wound photos, and pantless subway riders. Your ratings are slipping, buddy.

    And a picture of a gargantuan sunk Japanese Imperial Navy submarine.

  2. hey, the picture didn’t link, it just turned olive green and boldface

  3. Thanks for the thrice link. What, oh what, must I do to improve my ratings, oh Tom? 😛

  4. If I knew the answer to that, I’d write my own blog instead of messing with yours.

    I’d stick with the baby eating, though, that’s something whole families can enjoy.

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