False Advertising

I was looking up the zip code for the old alma mater today, so I went to their website. Take a look at that website for a second. Note the photos, all four of them.

Each of those photos contains at least one woman. In fact, of the eight people portrayed on the front page, 5 appear to be women and 3 appear to be men. Last I checked, the Rose-Hulman student body had something like a 6/1 ratio of men to women…

What sort of advertising is this on our front page then? Is it wishful thinking? Is it simply marketing, relying on the fact that women are generally more esthetically appealing than men? Is it an effort to dupe prospective students?

Who knows?

  1. 47803, if memory serves.

  2. Oh, and being a chemistry student, my core classes usually were 1/3 to 1/2 female. I think I only had one all-male class the entire four years, but there were several with just one girl.

  3. Fair enough. On the other hand, don’t something like 80% of all women at Rose go either ME or ChemE? 😛

  4. Does that just make the rest of us weird, Dave? 🙂

  5. Well, you’re a CS… Do I really have to answer that? 😛

  6. “Rose-Hulman – where there’s a strong chance at least one non-Woodsie girl will be in each of your classes…”

  7. The same logic applies to the Frosted Flakes box, which despite appearances does not include any form of tiger product.

  8. eh, the frosted flakes analogy is broken. It’s a far different issue if a woman were to be spokesperson for Rose.

    The comedy value of your comment stands though.

  9. Shut your whole, everyone. The math program was just a 24-hour sausage party. A romantic evening for me is drinking alone while I play TimeSplitters.

    A better analogy would be that Frosted Flakes doesn’t give you the strength of a tiger, except that it does. They’re Grrr-eat!

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