Simon Says…

The Opthamologist (Ocular Surgeon?) says that there is very little chance that anything serious will happen because of the scratch on my eye. I just have to keep a watchful eye on it (boom!) and all should be well in about a week.

Meanwhile, I got to wait about two hours in order to spend five minutes listening to the doctor “speed talk” her way through the exam. When I first got there Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla (so named because of her manner, not her physique) managed to poke my eyeballs with no less than three different devices, and put three different kinds of drops in them. If someone is going to touch my eyeballs, it’s pretty much a requirement of mine that they explain what they are about to do, before beginning. Further, when I have to ask what it is they are attemping to do (and failing miserably, due to my reflex actions (*gasp* people don’t like their eyes touched? Dang jumpy kids.), don’t dodge the question!

It went like this:

Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla: *attempts to touch some glowing blue rod against my eye, and fails.*
Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla: Hold still!
me: *dodge*
me: what are you doing!?!
Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla: this will hurt less that what’s coming after this…
me: that’s not the best answer I’ve ever gotten

etc etc. Needless to say, B the Nz made me a bit crabby.

Anyway, my eye is doing well. Eye’ll be fine. Nothing to “see” here folks, move along. All’s well the lens well… Didn’t mean to lash out like that. 😛


  1. Hi Dave,
    I know I’ve never met you, but I can definitely understand how you and Mikey are best friends! Those were some damn good puns and I just wanted to commend you for them 🙂 Thanks for the laugh

  2. At least your pet fish didn’t get stabbed in the eye. Then we would have had a post like:

    Carp? No, no, that won’t work.
    Crabby? No, that won’t fly.
    Tuna? Arg!

    …and on and on and on…

  3. Oh NO! The Dave Pundum has been encouraged! Run for your lives!! 😉

  4. Hehe, thanks for the vote of confidence Holly, I’ll try to keep up the good work.

    The rest of you? Fear teh puns! 😛

  5. So now, you’re shooting for a spot on “ShowMeYourWound”, eh?

    Seriously though, “ow”. Good luck with that healing up nice thing.

  6. Soooo. . .you come down with anything yet? Do they even have a vaccine for cat scratch fever?

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