Telemarketer: 0 Dave: 1

Elizabeth got a post card in the mail to call “Miss Burke” between 5pm and 8pm at her convenience. So, smelling telemarket, Elizabeth kindly let me place the call. I used my best falsetto to place the call, just for funsies. Here’s approximately how the conversation went:

me: (places the call)
Miss Burke: (answers)Indiana Water Services
me: Hi, I received a post card in the mail, and I’m calling for Miss Burke
Miss Burke: This is she. What city are you in?
me: Indianapolis
Miss Burke: Oh, well we’re conducting water tests in various cities in Indiana. We’d like to give you a $195 value in water diagnostics which look for anything that may or may not be there[0]. We’ll also give you a $20 gift card for your trouble.
me: Do you test for Kryptonite?
Miss Burke: (enthusiastically)Yes we do!
me: Does that occur alot in Indiana?
Miss Burke: *click*

[0] That’s the exact phrase she used there, “anything that may or may not be there”. Which made me wonder what sorts of things they test for that aren’t there? 😛

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