things that go together

Two things that go together (observed on my way to work this morning):

Thing 1) Gray four-door with entire passenger side caved in.

Thing 2) Woman driving it, with moderately large doobie in right hand.

  1. Are you sure it was a doobie? Maybe they rolled their own tobacco cigarette. The dent could have been caused by a random wrecking ball or something.

  2. Would have been funnier if she had one of those Darwin fish on her bumper.

  3. Naw, there is no way to be sure that it was marijuana. It was definitely a homemade cigarette of some sort, and she had the windows of her car rolled up (clue?) so no way to easily smell what it was.

    Also, the darwin fish would have been priceless. I think I would have snapped a picture if I’d have seen that.

  4. Well, Dave, that’s what Photoshop is for.

  5. I don’t have your email address, so here’s a little something:

  6. All I can think of when I see Thing 1 and Thing 2 is The Cat in the Hat. The book, not the movie, since I don’t even know if there are Things in the movie.

  7. Yeah, I’ve seen that article Mace, I just have no idea what to think about it. Too many rumors flying around down there to adequately determine what’s going on, ya know?

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