guess I should post something

Been in one of those moods that makes posting difficult. Dunno why. Thus, to spice it up a little, respect the bulleted post:

  • Life has been fairly good in general.
  • Being charged $550 by the hospital to spritz my eye with saltwater, look at it closely, and superglue my cut shut hurts. Also, I am in the wrong business. 😛
  • May have found a buyer for the Exploder. More as information comes in.
  • The BRAC changes to Crane may or may not affect my job. Again, more info posted when I know more.
  • Need to replace a CV axle on the LeBaron. Yay for learning new skills.
  • Mel and I almost rented a house last week, but decided against it. We’re opting to continue saving in hopes of buying either a house or bare land in the near future.
  • Mel and I still play World of Warcraft on a regular basis. We’re not sure if we like the guild we’re in, but the game is fairly good.
  • I’m *really* looking forward to gamefest.
  • My next younger brother just graduated from college with a marketing degree. He’s doing finish carpentry work at the moment, but if anyone knows of a good opportunity for a very large, motivated marketing/business graduate, I can forward you his resume.
  • I’ve been playing ultimate every Tuesday night for a while now. I love it. I’m very out of shape, but hopefully that will right itself as I continue to play. I signed up for the Indy summer league, so I’m excited to see how that turns out as well.
  • Mel and I are headed up to Detroit this weekend. Mel has a cat to show for her friend, and I am going to visit my great-aunt. Should be a fun weekend, in spite of all the driving.
  • I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the freshest Froyd around. (:
  • This seems like a fair number of bullets. I’ll call this post complete for now.
  1. CV joints aren’t bad. Usually easy to get to, and very rewarding since the cost of the new joint can be five or six times less than the cost of having a shop do it all. Just pay careful attention to the boot so that water doesn’t get in and kill the joint. Actually it’s a good idea to periodically check your CV boots for any cracks, because you can replace the boot really cheap and avoid having to replace the joint at all.

  2. Aye, I didn’t keep an eye on my boots, and the inner boot on the drivers side has been cracked for a while. So I need to replace it. Such is my object lesson driven life.

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