I have made it a habit to keep a blue plastic dixie cup on my desk at work, and drink several glasses of water a day. For one thing, it’s good for me, and for another, it’s much better than anything else I could be otherwise drinking.

So I usually just rinse this glass out at the fountain before I fill it up over at the water filter… All is well, right? It’s just water. Yeah. You see where this is going.

Today I noticed that the bottom of my cup was not a perfectly smooth surface, as one might expect, but was a bit bumpy. So I went into the bathroom to wipe the cup with a paper towel and some hot water… I balled up the paper towel, and took a swipe at the interior of the cup.

And it left a brownish-greenish trail through the algae that was growing down there, apparently. It was completely transparent until I wiped it, is the strange thing.

So yeah, i’ve been drinking swamp water for weeks. 🙁

  1. The evidence just keeps mounting.

  2. At the greenhouse where I used to work, they had a large tank of RO water (Reverse Osmosis) which is mainly used for starting seeds, and poinsettias (where the PH of the soil has to be controlled. Anyway, a line from this tank was run to another filter in the break room where we used it to fill up the water cooler. Nothing too unusual there. The giant tank was painted to help keep the light out so algea wouldn’t grow in it, but like anything as time goes by the thing would get nicked, and scratched enough to let light in. You could tell it was about time to repaint the tank when the tank for the water cooler started turning green.

    Surprisingly, I thought it tasted better when it was slightly green than when it wasn’t!

  3. Got yourself your own little mountain stream there, eh?

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