a personal first

I spent half the day today visiting with my Great Aunt while Melissa was showing a cat at the CFA show for a friend. My Aunt was looking for a recommendation of a good computer to buy for her sister. Now her sister has never owned a computer, and is only interested in the standard triune services (interweb, email, document processing) and has no computer experience to build on. Her only other requirement was a large display, as she has vision issues.

As such, I recommended that she look into an Apple computer. A low-mid range Macintosh will provide her with all the power she needs. The interface should be easy to pick up. It would be virtually virus immune (putting a brand new computer user on a windows machine with broadband is paramount to telling a child to play in the street, virus/malware-wise anyway), and should cover all her needs….

It seemed like a good fit to me. Anywho, it just felt a little odd, on the inside, to be recommending an Apple product. I’ve never done that before, that I can recall.

  1. At least you had the sense not to recommend a Linux solution, which would be more like asking a child to captain a nuclear aircraft carrier in battle.

  2. My little boy’s all growns up. ::tear::

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