Le update

  • Very tired and sore today. Played more ultimate yesterday.
  • I need a new disc, my Rose disc is getting pretty chewed up.
  • Mikey plays better war3 against me than with me.
  • Melissa and I shaved her cat this past weekend. Talk about interesting tasks.
  • I can finally make discombobulators. w00t!
  • Saw Tim and Amy on Monday. (also known as T and A) (:
  • Am looking forward to gamefest.
  • The exploder is running very smoothly these days.
  • Still haven’t worked up the gumption to replace the CV axle in the car. Bah.
  • Skype is awesome telephony/voice chat software. Very good sound quality, very easy to use. No servers, no firewall adjustments, it just works.
  • Melissa and I have been leveling two new characters in WoW. It turns out that druid and rogue do excellent together.
  1. > Mikey plays better war3 against me than with me.

    My drive to defeat you is unparalleled. I could also say that you play better against me than you do when you’re on my team. I mean, what gives man?

    There are many theories as to why this is true. One being that since we know each other’s play-styles so well, we are better equipped to deal with each other. Another is that we cannot allow ourselves to lose to the other and this brings up our skills. (Think of it as a temporary boost to our badass numbers).

  2. Or you have such bad teamwork that you drag each other down. You’re lone wolves, you belong at the top of the food chain, telling others what to do instead of scrapping with the grunts. Beware others like you. (This concludes your War3 horoscope)

  3. Actually, I disagree, our teamwork is pretty darn good. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been in a 2v2 and I’ve needed a type of unit and then dave rolls in with 6-12 of said unit.

  4. Maybe “bad” too harsh a word, perhaps “slightly worse than playing separately” is better. So it must be due to the overhead of communication and synchronization, just like how a dual-CPU system will do a bit less work than two separate single-CPU systems.

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