What you need, baby I got it

I know that a lot of you out there in blogland have spawned offspring, and I also know that you just love feeding them loads of preservatives in a meat of questionable origin. This being the case, I present to you the Octodog Frakfurter Converter. Turns hotdogs into seafood, yo!

  1. Gross. It already grosses me out that Alex eats all the rind off his hotdog before he eats the inner part. This complication is not needed.


  2. It’s called a skin, not a rind. Get your weenie-speak right, man!

    And yes, I agree with you — totally unnecessary.

    We only eat all-beef franks. What cow parts there are in there, I dunno. If I think about it too long, I’m sure we’ll switch to veggie dogs.

  3. we made these once for a snack when i was working with kids for something. Except we hand sliced them and actually used something for the eyes. They were cute, but also kinda gross. We served them with various other things that are similar. It was a whole normal kids food in an under the sea theme.

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