squeaky clean

As per an article that I noticed via BoingBoing the other day, I decided to try putting one of my older keyboards in the dishwasher last night. It came out very clean, but still very wet. I put it in the explorer for the day. The extremely hot, dry air in there should cook the rest of the water out.

I’ll update this tonight after I find out if the test keyboard still works. If it does, then my grody microsoft keyboard is going in the drink tomorrow. (:

If I’m extra motivated tonight, maybe I’ll even do before and after pics of my MS keyboard.

  1. Stop! If you have a MS keyboard, read this tutoral first for a safer, better clean:
    My model (natural pro?) varied slightly from the one demonstrated, but it worked perfectly. Though the page dosen’t cover this, by disassembling the membrane and keyplates, you can remove the keycaps from underneath with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Since this is the only real way to get rid of any/all hair underneath the keys, and it dries much better, I highly recommend it. Other than a broken warrenty seal sticker, my 5 year old KB was indistinguishable from being brand new.

  2. I read the rabidhardware tutorial also. I don’t have an MS natural, so I’m not sure if mine will be the same on the inside, or no. If I’m feeling extra motivated, I may disassemble the keyboard before washing it, like rabid suggests.

    Then again, I may just wash it, and find out. 😛

  3. I disassembled and cleaned my priceless Northgate OmniKey Ultra clicky keyboard once, it was never the same. I had to get rid of it. Pity, because while a company has found the old molds and engineer for the original OmniKeys, the new ones are well over $100.

    However, I did wash my crappy (by comparison) Logitech Internet Navigator membrane keyboard, and that turned out OK once it was fully dry. I didn’t use a dishwashing machine, though.

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