keyboard cleaning update

As promised earlier, an update on my keyboard cleaning effort. The keyboard came out of the dishwasher very clean. I hooked it up last night, and it worked perfectly. If anything, it works better now than it did before, as a couple of the keys had gotten a tad sticky.

After the gamefest hullabaloo dies down, I’ll run my MS keyboard through and see how that goes. (:

  1. Just keep in mind that the silver inks used to make the flex circuits in many keyboards is highly water soluable. I’ve seen many of the older MS ergo keyboards wiped out by simply a glass of water spilled across them, even when they were allowed to dry for days. Inside the circuits were helplessly smeared beyond saving.

  2. This one’s not an ergo keyboard, so I’m hoping it will be ok. I should probably take it apart and see what makes it tick before I submit it to the soapy deep though.

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