gamefest, etc

Gamefest was once again a success. I think the venue this year was the best yet. Jerry and Elizabeth’s current house has a finished basement that is perfect for lan parties. (:

Lots of good friends from college showing up for the weekend is always fun. We played Rainbow Six, War3, Quake3 and a few others. Most of our time was spent between rainbow six and war3 though. Fun times.

Thank-you all for coming. My goal for next year is to have a viable method for remoting people in… We’ll see how I do. Someone remind me about this goal a few months before gamefest next year. 😛

  1. VPN? Webcams? Eh, I don’t think you have enough bandwidth. I wish cable companies would let you rent a temporary massive bandwidth increase for a couple days.

  2. I’m not sure what the overhead of running a vpn is, but even if it were really high (50%?) I’d still have enough bandwidth for a modest number of clients to participate from the outside. Say, 3-5 external users at a time…

    Or do you disagree?

  3. Well, I was thinking of setting up more of a telepresence thing, ’cause otherwise it’s not a lanparty, it’s just playing on the internet. You could probably get away with setting up a computer in the corner running Roger Wilco or Teamspeak or something. And a webcam.

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