Went up and visited my parents this weekend. Melissa and I looked at five different houses on Friday after work. We’re considering placing an offer on one of them. I lubed and changed the oil in the jeep. Pulled a stereo out of an older truck to put in the Exploder.

Next item on my agenda is swapping that CV axle on the car. I’ve been putting it off… I need to just do it.

  1. Dave, I keep hoping to see some thoughts of yours on God, where you are in your walk with Christ, what He has been working in you lately… That may be too personal to post in this forum, but I had hoped the absence of those types of posts didn’t mean that there was an absence of those types of posts in your daily life. It’s probably none of my business, but I just thought I’d ask anyway 🙂

  2. Aye, you’re right… I should post something more personal here… I’ve been sadly lacking in that lately.

    Consider it my next post.

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