So Laura Henderson was kind enough to stop by and leave a comment last week, asking about how life was going spiritually. She wondered out loud if my lack of posting about it reflected a lack of spiritual happenings….

Unfortunately, that’s mostly the case. Ever since I’ve left school, I’ve been just visiting churchs. None have ever been home. Go, listen to the sermon, go home. No friends, no real attachment. Partly, this is my fault for being very picky. Partly this is because we’ve been moving around so much.

Personally, my belief is still intact and as strong as ever. This isn’t enough though. I’ve really been neglecting my Bible reading. In order to improve that, I’m going to try to read at least a little every day. Today I ready Genesis 1. Some people believe that Genesis 1 describes a very large amount of time. I just don’t see that. Then again, I’m pretty dumb.

  1. Stick to your guns, dude. At least you’re not settling for just anything, the way I see a lot of people doing. They expend enough brainpower to get there in one piece, and then switch off. The sign of a good church is when you’re allowed to raise one or two points of disagreement in conversation without being given the silent treatment by everyone else. No pastor is ever right all of the time.

    I’ve been thinking of trying around the new town, but I’m kind of scared of what I’ll find in AR. I know I’ve seen some Primitives around, and that’s not quite the direction I need to go…

  2. Finding a new church can be hard. Donavin and I did a “tour de churches” so to speak when we first moved here. I made a list of the things that were really important to me (besides sound doctrine and the like) — things like the music, the kid’s program, the “stuffiness” of the place, etc. Then when we went, we always visited at least 2 weeks. I didn’t feel like I could make such an important decision after just one visit — everyone has a bad day every now and then. The hardest part, I think, is once I found a place that we both enjoyed — I then had to force myself to plug in. Being in a new town, a new state even, and not knowing anyone, this wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done. The thing about a good church (and a good church body), however, is that there are many opportunities to serve and many people willing to help. Anyway, that’s my story — for what it’s worth. =)

  3. Every church I’ve ever been a part of seems concerned as to how to appeal to get new members.

    Every Christian I know has had trouble at some point finding a church to call home.

    Neither has a lack of interested parties.

    I don’t have a answer. Just an observation.

    However, my gut tells me this is more desired by the Devil more than an imperfect but faithful church body.

  4. I agree with Jerry. It’s “safer” to complain about one aspect of a church and not have to endure the discomfort of being the “new guy” than to realize no Christian, therefore no church is perfct and settle on the one God’s calling you to – hypocrites, strangers, weirdos and all ;). It’s also easier to let pride tell you you’re smarter, or more holy, or more normal, or more abnormal than the people at church so you don’t have to grow with them and learn from them. I don’t believe it’s beyond the Almighty’s power for any sincere Christian desiring to follow God’s Word to find a local group of sincere Christians who desire to follow God’s Word. And IMO any trick of your imagination that tells you otherwise is a lie from the Deceiver.

    I wholeheartedly believe that we have an obligation (a joyful one, PTL!) to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to serve them and let them serve us so that we can be unified in effort and purpose while we work towards accomplishing God’s Will (see Eph 4:11-16). You just can’t do that as a Lone Wolf Christian. Being made a Body Part in the Body of Christ, that can be likened to a hand or a foot trying to go about it’s business completely by itself! You may get places and do things, but to what end and with how much efficiency and effectiveness?

    May I also suggest Dallas Willard’s “The Spirit of the Disciplines”? We bookworms can say “I’m not doing so hot right now with God, so I’ll read my Bible.” While a steady diet of scripture is so essential, it isn’t sufficient in itself, by itself, to produce significant, lasting spiritual revival. I think we grow and become more sanctified partly through stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone and becoming well-rounded disciples of Christ in faith, words, deeds, and daily living habits (Willard’s book is helping me understand how to go about doing this).

    Anyway, I’m so glad to see that you are giving it some serious attention and especially glad you didn’t take offense to my question 🙂 I’ll pray for God to prepare a church home for you and lead you to it! I think you’ll be so blessed by the experience 🙂

    For what it’s worth, Michael and I attended the age-appropriate Sunday school class every time we visited a new church to get a feel for the type of fellowship and inner atmosphere of the church. It also helped put some real faces to the otherwise anonymous congregational experience. We were so blessed by meeting lots of other committed believers, even if it was a one-time visit! I feel much more aware of the surrounding Church (with a capital C) and encouraged about other denominations than I would have if we had just attended the worship services. Be open-minded about the style, open-hearted to the people, and listening attentively to the Holy Spirit on your visits and I’m positive you’ll find “The One”! lol
    Much Agape in Christ,

  5. Thank-you each for the encouragement. Especially you Laura (and for the prayers too, probably the most important part). I do appreciate the original probing question, and the prayers too. It’s nice to know that there are other parts of the Body out there looking out for this wayward piece of the puzzle.

    In response, I do know full well that churchs are not perfect. As the one saying goes, if I found a perfect church, I would not be welcome there, since I would ruin it.

    This coming weekend, we’ll be going to church at my parent’s, so no church trying. There is a church Jerry knows about that I’m looking forward to trying out next time we’re in Indianapolis though.

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