Habla Englaish?

This morning on my way to work, three women were in a newish Monte Carlo (still had paper dealer plates) in front of me. They had several children in the car with me. Most cars travel parallel to the road surface. This one was tracking at about 15 degrees off of parallel. Looking closer, I noticed that both rear wheels were at bad angles. Something was very wrong with the car’s rear end.

I pulled up next to them at a stop light, and tried to tell them that they should not be driving the car. They looked at me blankly. I tried again, thinking I had spoken too softly to be heard over the road noise around us. Still just blank looks from the women. Apparently they spoke no English at all.

I couldn’t recall enough spanish at the time to get my point across. Mostly, I couldn’t think of a word for car. If I could have thought of a word for car, I still wouldn’t have been able to be very precise, but I could have at least told them that their car was a danger to them.


Good old language barrier.

  1. have you ever seen that video of the little euro car that someone put two front ends under the body? they could drive the car forwards or backwards. It had a seat facing forward and one backwards each with a steering wheel. It could do some pretty cool things, especially with two people driving.

  2. I thought you were going to have a story kind of like this one.

  3. Aha! La coche… You’re right!

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