Things that make you go Hmmmm…

Did extremists in airplanes cause the towers to collapse, or was it some other agency, using carefully coordinated explosives?

Some interesting snippets from the article:

  • No jet engines were recovered from the rubble of the North Tower (in spite of their extreme mass and density)
  • The holes in the sides of the buildings were at least 40 feet narrower than the planes that entered them. No large sections of wing were found in the street.
  • Pictures show vertical supports bent outwards around the impact hole.
  • The entire site was dismantled and removed, without a chance for criminal investigation
  • No black boxes were recovered from the planes, something unprecidented in all major airliner crashes to date.
  • The flight that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania apparently left no wreckage.
  • Several Insurance companies involved in the insurance of both planes and buildings involved lost greater than 20% of their stock value the week before 9-11. (as would happen if several major investors liquidated stock at the same time)

Makes you think, anyway.

  1. Most of those don’t really mean anything. Jet engines are not indestructible, they are high-precision parts rotating at tremendous speeds and are basically always in a controlled explosion. My expectation, at being slammed into a mass of steel and concrete, would be for the engines to shatter into tiny pieces.

    Holes narrower than the plane? No wings in street? Makes sense to me, based on watching the videos. The wings folded back, and then exploded/melted into very very small pieces. They’re full of fuel, come on!

    Supports bent outwards? There obviously was an explosion. The planes exploded inside the buildings. Why would anyone expect inward-bent supports?

    No chance for a criminal investigation? This one is the most insidious because it’s like “have you stopped beating your wife?” All I know is I saw thousands of people taking the wreckage apart piece by piece, I don’t know what the writer considers a criminal investigation. One that claims there was a bomb, maybe? If no bomb was found, obviously the investigation must not have happened. It must be this way because otherwise, the rest of the theory goes down the drain.

    No black boxes…that’s up for debate. However I don’t believe that any object is indestructible. There were extreme temperatures for extended times up in the impact zones. And thousands of tons of steel and concrete falling from a great height. A black box is designed to withstand an airplane crash, not a blast furnace and building demolition.

    There are explanations for the crash site in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure how the “no wreckage” argument proves anything, but some people will believe anything that appears to support their theory, even if they’re not exactly sure how it does.

    Insurance? Coincedence. And the stock market was already on its way down. Plus this is unsubstantiated.

  2. My rebuttal:

    As far as PA, sadly, they did recover mangled pieces of metal and body parts.

    Plus the passengers called from the plane to tell their family goodbye. If you think they are on a island with elvis and the easter bunny, then let me know. I happen to own that island, and it’s for sale. I’ll give you a sweet deal.

    An tank armor piercing round makes a small hole then explodes, blowing the tank apart. The confined space actually amplifies the affects of the explosion. This is the same as that much jet fuel exploding inside a building. Of coarse, there where no pieces of wing left, the fuel is stored inside the aluminum wing. I can get a pop can to melt in a bonfire, and that’s nothing to what happened inside that building.

    I think a much more solid conspiracy theory is Trans World Airlines Flight 800. There are eye witnesses who claim to have seen a missile like object collide with the plane right before it went down. Initial tests found traces of explosive, but they couldn’t repeat that. The crash was ruled mechanical failure.

    This was three years after the first WTC bombing (’93) and 4 years before 9-11.

  3. I’m not posting this because I think it’s the way things are, and that the official story does work. I’m just saying that it’s an interesting theory.

    Overall, the official story makes more sense because it offers a motive. As far as I could tell, no motive is even guessed at for the detonation theory.

  4. So, if no jet engines were found in the wreckage, that would mean that it wasn’t really planes that flew into the buildings, right? Yeah, so I’m confused by all this conspiracy theory stuff. If there was no plane, no black box, no whatever, than what did thousands of people see hit the building? Too many unexplained questions, IMHO.

    The next question, of course, would be “why?” I’m sure that leftists would have a field day with that question, but it is beyond my imagination that anyone in our government, whatever the reason, would be able to pull off something like that without anyone finding out. I suppose that the whole thing was orchestrated with Bin Laden and Bush (whom I will assume for the purposes of this theory to be bosom buddies) so that they could take out Saddam and get his oil. Go figure.

    Interesting, too, that he brings up Occam’s Razor. By that principle, his whole theory is untenable when compared to the simplest explanation, which is that it really was a terrorist attack. He should at least stay consistent, eh?

  5. Occam’s Razor, that’s good too. In this case, it came down to real razors that accomplished the destruction.

    Yesterday in the airport I saw a guy getting really uptight about the extra security screening. I had extra security six times in a row last month, but you don’t see me complaining. It isn’t that intrusive. Maybe if you’re hypersensitive about having another man pat you down. I understand that it’s a placebo, because a hijacker could carry a dozen ceramic knives onto a plane right through a metal detector, if they got lucky and avoided the extra security.

    No one is ever going to hijack another U.S. airplane, though. Not with knives, or even a handgun. After 9/11 the passengers would mob the hijackers and tear them apart before they could blink. Hijackers used to be safe because the passengers believed they’d be OK if they stayed quiet. Now, not even a non-terrorist hijacking can happen.

  6. Statements like “never going to happen again” seem a bit brash.

    It wouldn’t be impossible for a terrorist (especially a lucky, female one) to smuggle a sleeping gas grenade onto an airplane. Or any number of other things that could allow them to control the people in the passenger compartment while they compromise the crew compartment.

    Regardless of the exact method, people are sinful and like to find ways to harm one another. It’s just the way things work. There’s no way around it.

  7. But that’s a sleeping gas grenade, not a knife or handgun! 😉

  8. That doesn’t make me go “hmm” so much as “where is the author so that I can hit him”.

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