Update. narf.

Nothing terribly interesting going on lately, thus the lack of postage. Kylee was lost, but now is found (from my perspective anyway). It’s good to hear from her. If she wanted to drop me an email at my first name (full name) dot my last name @gmail.com, I wouldn’t be opposed.

Mel and I attempted to try a new church this weekend, but we couldn’t find it. We’re still looking for houses. The LeBaron blew a front brake cylinder, so it’s back up on jacks awaiting parts on order from Napa. This coming weekend we’re going to head on up to Detroit for a visit with the fam in those parts.

There needs to be an “Adopt an American” program for oil barons. You know the line: Just $80 per week can keep one american family on the road! Money you would otherwise spend on buying another wife could help these poor Americans out! Ok, maybe that’s not funny. But I tried at least.

I’ve been feeling poetic lately, but can’t seem to grasp onto the tenuous words that are drifting about in my consciousness. Ah well, all the better for you blog readers out there. If I can’t commit the poetry (so called) to words, then you don’t have to read it!

(also, I updated the blog roll. Am I missing any good ones? Will Todd or Jon ever post again?)

  1. If you’re bored while in the D, stop on by my place. My weekend plans include, painting, cleaning the kitchen from all the dust I made sanding the walls, video games, and maybe finally going to see Batman!

  2. If we’re up that way, we’ll give a call. Thanks for the offer Tim. (:

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