DIY LCD projector

For less than $200, one can build one’s self an LCD projector. I’d already contrived a solution similar to this, but had no idea that it would turn out so nicely!

As an aside, I’d love to build one of these home-made wind turbines some day. One of the reasons I love the internet is because it’s possible to share wonderful ideas like these for money-saving inventions. (:

  1. So did you actually build one? Or just oogle the various howto and example sites that are out there like I did.

  2. nope, I haven’t built one yet either, I’ve just been ogling. Such cool devices though.

  3. That article is horrible, we trashed it a few months ago back when the author posted it at DIYAudio’s projector pages. If you go to and explore the “Moving Image” section, you’ll find lots of info and discussion and examples. I’ve actually been working on a projector for a few months, when I get time. Here’s a photo of my first mockup with cardboard and duct tape:

  4. Oops, that server runs on port 7780 because of ISP’s port blocking….

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