keyboard oopdate

Did I ever post the results of dishwashering my MS keyboard? I don’t remember doing so and I’m too lazy to go look, so I’ll post it again. It didn’t work. The keyboard still *kind of* works, but it sends the wrong key codes. As in, it still powers up and all, and each key pressed results in the computer receiving a keypress, but they are invariably the wrong key.

I may look into that later and see if I can debug it. Maybe there is just some gunk inside in the wrong place or something.

In the mean time, I bought this keyboard and I really like it. It’s laptop style, so it has scissored keys instead of springs. It’s very quiet and very small. Best of all, it was $20 at Frye’s. Can’t beat it, in my opinion.

  1. Yeah, when I cleaned my keyboard I took it completely apart and washed the components individually. The keyboard has several layers of plastic with conductive traces printed on. I’d imagine that it would be very difficult to dry out between those layers without taking them apart; what I did was lay them out individually on paper towels and carefully wipe them with another paper towel and window cleaner. In fact, my keyboard was dead in the first place because the coffee (with sugar and creamer) had gotten in between the layers and couldn’t dry out. Not to mention being sticky.

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