He cheats, precious

Back in college, Mikey pretty much wiped the floor with me anytime we played a fighting game, like Marvel versus Capcom or some such. He’s very good at it. To level the playing field, I’d sometimes request a blind match, where we both pull our shirts over our faces to obstruct our views of the screen. Conveniently, my shirts were generally see-through.

All were amazed at my skill, until one time when Elizabeth stood between me and the TV… And I consistently lost. 😛

This kid has perfected the art of blind fighting though, apparently.

  1. The key to blind fighting is using your ears, at least when I played Dave. I would listen for when he jumped, or how long it took for him to block a fireball, and would generally know where he was. I played very defensively, just trying to block as much as possible.

    I do remember the incident where I got wiped out the first match at blind-fighting, or “Zen Street Fighter” as we called it. Then Elizabeth[0] figured out Dave’s trick. You probably should have kept it a close match, but you got greedy.


    That’s pretty amazing about the kid though. I couldn’t imagine trying to play lots of games without my eyesight. I think I would just get too frustrated.

    [0] Bless her heart.

  2. I’m there to help you fight tricksy Dave anytime 😉

  3. I can see how one could be good at playing video games blind. Mortal Kombat would be pretty easy. Just press a buttons a lot and listen for sounds of agony.

    So you wore a lot of see-through shirts? Sounds very masculine. That probably intimidated your opponent.

  4. Well, when you realize that my t-shirt was covering my face instead of my chest at these times, you’ll realize why my opponent was ready and willing to cover his own occular apparatus. (:

  5. My shirt had a dual-purpose that way. Because otherwise I would have gouged my own eyes out. =)

  6. *sigh* whatever happened to simply spraypainting your eyeballs with black paint….

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