Ach! Mein wallet screams out in agony

Mel and I took the jeep over to a dealer to get the air conditioning looked at to determine why the supposedly conditioned air that it spits out so closely approximates the ambient outdoor temp…

Apparently the evaporator in (or is it behind?) the dash is leaking. Estimated cost to repair? $1100.

I think I’m going to give the used car dealer that I bought it from a piece of my mind next chance I get.

  1. Is that an old R12 system? Are you going to have to pay for a R134 retrofit? I’d HOPE you’d get that for $1100…

  2. You might find this article on ‘new’ air conditioning technology interesting.

  3. Mac: it’s a 2000 jeep cherokee, so it came with r134a from the factory. No swap required.

    Imler: Yeah, I’ve seen that article. I’m all for it. My first thought though is with regards vibration in an automotive setting and the peltier junctions themselves. I wonder how long they’ll last?

  4. I remember driving down the road with a friend, in my car with non-working air conditioning. I mentioned the possibility of installing an apartment window air conditioner. The point was made that, due to the low standards of culture in the present area, someone might actually do that. Immediately we drove past a ramshackle van with a standard one-room air conditioner in the back window.

  5. I bet it’d be much less than 1100 if you didn’t care what the dash looked like when they were done… Bring on the Sawzall!

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