I feel no remorse…

…if I cut you off when you accelerate to fill the [large] gap I’m going into after I turn my blinker on. Your reprimanding honks only warm the hackles of my heart.

  1. On another note… have you even noticed that when driving some vehicles you seem to get cut off more frequently?

  2. Yeah, I get cut off in the explorer a lot more than I do in the car, it seems. I don’t know if that’s just my perception, or what, but it does seem that way.

  3. no matter the vehicle, i try and stay on the offense. I prefer to be the one doing the cutting off.

  4. I remember feeling the same way once, until I got the idea to check for burned-out blinker bulbs.

  5. I just checked the signals a week or so ago, but that’s a good point. I’ll give them another look.

  6. I hate people who do that with a passion. Usually I’m too nonaggressive of a driver to try to keep them from purposefully cutting them off, and so I just steam in my anger for a while. Last week, I didn’t take that crap from a van (I was in an SUV at the time, though) and pulled over before he could close the gap. When I looked back in the rear view and saw how close he got (he continued to accelerate despite the fact that it was obvious I was getting over anyway), it made me really nervous. He didn’t honk, though.

    I don’t think I’ll be doing that again any time soon.

  7. Sometimes they’re not even looking at you. At that moment they might be looking at another lane, possibly trying to let someone merge onto the freeway or trying to change lanes away from yours. The field of vision only shows the road ahead and wherever they’re doing their shoulder check. They might not see your blinker and they’ll start changing speed based on what’s happening in the lanes they can see.

    It’s always best to avoid putting your car in the path of another vehicle. Who knows, maybe they suddenly died that moment with their foot still on the gas pedal. If your blinker hasn’t been on for more than three seconds I don’t think you should fault anyone for not seeing it. Lots of people turn on the blinker while they’re already moving into the other lane.

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