I hate dealing with insurance companies

Since Melissa and I are going to be closing on our house soon, we need to have homeowner’s insurance in place for the home. I want to get the best deal that I can, where “best deal” means prices relatively low compared to the competition, but customer service that is something better than abysmal.

Is there some sort of priceline.com sort of thing for homeowner’s insurance? Can I put my info into one “reputable” sort of place, and have several companies submit bids to me for my insurance?

Failing that, has anyone else price shopped for home insurance lately, and found one company to be better than others?

  1. To state the obvious, you get a better deal when you can wrap as many policies together as possible — auto, home, life, etc. So, I would start with your current auto insurance company. If you’re willing to switch policies, I’d ask whoever you call to give you a quote with both together.

  2. Aye, I’ve found that as well. Mel and I currently use AAA as our auto insurance provider, and they provide fairly decent prices. Their customer service, however, is abysmal.

    If I can’t find anything better, I’ll just stay with AAA for the multi-service discount. If I *can* find something better, it’ll be perfect anyway, since my auto insurance is up for renewel in September anyway.

  3. If you have a good relationship with a realtor or lender, I would ask them. It never hurts, it’s another place to check out.

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