more house work

Yesterday I took the entire day off to get more painting done around the house. The first coat of ceiling paint didn’t cover evenly, so I put up a second coat. For the second coat we got paint that went on pink but dried white. It made the job tons easier.

The we washed, taped and painted the walls in the family room. Oh! And we also got to have dinner with our new neighbors, who happen to be very nice people. It’s a mother, father and four sons, and overall a very cool family.

After dinner I got all the walls in the family room painted (the color is supposedly “Emminent Bronze” in some gay man’s chromatic fantasy, but if I were to name it, I would say dark olive green). It’s really nice. I think it will look even better when we replace the worn carpet with hardwood (the next planned upgrade) because the color really set off the richness of the wood trim around the windows and doors.

Once the family room was painted, my last task was to paint the garage floor. I used Quikrete Epoxy Paint kits. So far I’ve only done half the garage, since I had to have someplace to put the stuff while I painted. This kit is really nice though. The kit I used in the basement in Francesville was about the same cost, but only included the paint. This kit included etching agent (I assume it was muriatic acid, but it had some brandname on it like “bondlok” or something) which really made a difference in cleaning the concrete up.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how the garage floor turned out when I get back to the house. For now, I’m headed north with Melissa to go load up a rental truck with our stuff. See y’all later. (:

  1. I’m glad things are going so well. The next question becomes — when are we going to see some pictures?! =)

  2. Good point Daniel Davis, I have always wondered about those rare pieces of mooshoo pork coins.

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