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Perhaps the best explanation of the events in post-Katrina New Orleans to date.

  1. excellent article, thanks

  2. Interesting article. On a similar note, I was reading my sister’s blog the other day, and some guy left this comment: “whites hate blacks and sent katrina to murder the blacks they like abandoining in new orleans. show you aint racist donate to victims of white hatred – of katrina.”

  3. oh my. I hope he was being sarcastic?

    As a side note though, I haven’t yet come into my white racial ability to “summon hurricane” yet… Do I have to do something special to get that one?

  4. Yeah, you have to go to the skill trainer in Stormwind City.

    I found it fascinating that that article spent many paragraphs eviscerating New Orleans for not having enough police officers to maintain order, but never chastized George W. Bush for not sending in the National Guard until days afterwards. Emergency status was declared days beforehand directly giving him the authority to do so, but he did not leave his vacation and mobilize the Guard. Instead the article went to great lengths to villainize anyone who holds the President responsible for failing to act to fill the gap of insufficient police officers. Impressive mental disconnect.

  5. ar ar. “stormwind” eh? 😛

    As a Statist, I am far more appalled at the sluggish reactions of the state of Louisiana than I am of the national reactions. While I agree that it is important for the states to band together and help one another in times of emergency (after all, why else would the states have become a union, if not for mutual assistance?) the primary responsibility for the wellbeing of the citizens of New Orleans falls upon the citizens themselves, then the city(parish?), then the state, then, and only then, the Federal government.

    Are we so top down these days that we always go straight for the most powerful person in the chain, and point fingers directly at them?

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