seriously, I’m lame these days

I was reading through some of the older archives of the blog. Noticing how often I used to post, how varied the content was. How personal it was! I used to get comments!!

All that is different now. Granted, blogging is not quite as fun as it used to be, in no small part due to the death of a large part of the “original” blog community. But I have to think that a large part of why my blog sucks these days is because my content is just completely inhuman and unfeeling. No “living” aspect to what I write. I dunno. I just don’t talk about interesting things anymore!

So here’s to hoping that I can reverse this trend a bit. Bring some soul back into my blog. If I can’t, I might as well just let this blog die, because I don’t know about y’all, but the older entries around here are a lot more interesting than the more recent ones.

  1. Yeah, I used to get way more comments. I like to blame the lack of response on the popularity of RSS feeds, but who knows. I do know that back in the day, I could write total crap and get at least a few comments.

    I’ve become far less honest as well, and I sort of censor myself, but I think that’s because I know people from work/church read my blog. I should be brave and just be honest. Yeah…

    I’ve wondered whether I should keep writing as well. Because the people I want to read probably don’t, and the people I don’t want to read probably do. But in the end I like writing. And I’m just not dramatic enough to quit in the hopes that people will beg me to return. Plus they probably won’t beg. 😉

    And now I’ve rambled in your comments thread. That’s what you get for being honest.

  2. No, that pretty much sums up what I’m feeling. I censor what I’m thinking, and only write down the stuff no one is going to call me to task for. How lame is that?

    I definitely either need to be brutally honest with myself and just blog what needs blogging, or give it up. Plus any begging that goes on to bring me back will definitely help the old ego.

  3. Don’t go. You don’t have to bring back the old you. Meh, we all get lame as we grow old.

    In other news, I’ll be bringing J-Web back up shortly (well, a matter of weeks, before Christmas, depending how things shape up), so I’m not dead yet!

  4. Thank-you for the encouragement Jerod. And as always, you’re welcome to have your blog here, if you want. Even just as an interim. The system is pretty stable now, and seems to be spam free.

  5. Agree with the above (posted and comment) sentiments — I think it is natural. It gets to the point that you’re almost afraid to post something controversial because of bad experiences in the past. Most of the “big” issues have been debated/discussed on someone in our circle’s blog to at least some degree, or else we all agree with one another so it’s not even worth bringing up — or if we do, it’s not commented on because either no one with a dissenting opinion reads it, or else no one with a dissenting opinion wants to start a flame war.

    Hopefully we’ll come out of the these blog dark ages and have a bloglightenment wherein we have many long and thought-provoking comment discussions. I’ll be along for the ride!

  6. Well, following the model, if we move from a dark ages of blogging to a bloglightenment, we’ll need a few things to happen.

    First some Danish or Norse blogs will have to invade and pillage ours, specifically destroying the more literate Irish blogs, but otherwise laying waste to the blogosphere and striking terror into the hearts of bloggers everywhere.

    Eventually this will die downs as the invading blogs convert to the contiental blog religion, as they discover it’s more profitable to trade with said blogs than to burn them.

    Afterwards, the head of the Church of Blogging (Bloggus Maximus?) will declare holy war against the infidel blogs in the east who have profaned the most sacred spots of the blog religion with their presence. Bloggers from all over will take vows to fight these infidels to their last breath. Wars will be fought. Holy orders of militant monastic bloggers will arise. Great deeds both noble and dastardly will be done on both sides of such a war. The blog armies will find their supposed allies in the east, the splendid descendants of the great classical blogging empire, to have fallen from their nobility into effete and corrupt snobbery. We will then pillage their great blogs and carry their treasures back with us.

    Eventually contact with all these other blogs will help cultivate a new learning and bloggers will ask such weighty questions as, “Why is my blog here,” or, “What is the meaning of blogging?” The bloglightenment will have then occurred.

  7. On an entirely (mostly) irrelevant note, since I don’t think I have your current e-mail address. Can you please PLEASE make the font color on your comments not gray on white. The smallness is one thing, but low contrast makes it borderline illegible for me.

    Thanks, and sorry for the whining.

  8. Yeah, I quit blogging because I don’t have the time and I wasn’t saying anything interesting anyway. I think I started to think of it as a chore instead of fun. Well, I guess people go through seasons.

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