Long weekend, good time

This past weekend I got the honor of standing up for my brother Joe’s wedding. The wedding went fairly well, all things considered. He has been having some serious seizures lately, and had a bout of them immediately after the ceremony. I’m hoping that Joe and Amber (his new wife) will be able to figure out what to do about those seizures. They’re very unhealthy, in many ways.

It’s an interesting marriage, in that Amber has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start with my family. A lot of it has been misunderstandings, I’m sure. Hopefully, with time, things will smooth out. If everyone tries at it, I’m sure that can happen.

Another highlight this weekend was seeing lots of family and friends from out of town. My family from the Niagra Falls area was in town, and several old family friends were around too. I may have even gotten a lead on some consulting work to do on the side. (:

Mel and I are still recovering from the long weekend. She’s managed to get a fairly bad cold, and I’m doing my best to *not* catch her cold. We’ll see how I manage.

  1. He probably had a seizure after the ceremony because of the stress. Stress can definitely affect the frequency of seizures.

    It took me around two years to finally find medicine that works well. Many seizure medications make you really drowsy, too. Also, if you have a seizure and go to the emergency room, the emergency room is required to inform the DMV, and they will take away your license. I got to enjoy two months bumming rides until finally the DMV got it through their head that I have nocturnal seizures – I don’t have them unless I’m asleep. And if I’m asleep at the wheel, we have a bigger problem. 😉

  2. Yeah, we’ve noticed that stress definitely increases the frequency of his seizures. We’ve also noticed that he generally only has them when he’s slowing down and relaxing after working hard, so in the past it really wasn’t an issue.

    Lately he’s been having them at random times during the day (like after the ceremony). Which is bad.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s doing anything about it. I just hope that no one gets hurt before he does do something about it.

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