physical excersize

Melissa and I joined a gym last night (along with Jerry, Elizabeth and Mikey). For Melissa and I, we’re mainly looking for some toning and cardiovascular excersizes. More than anything, I want to increase my running ability, for ultimate frisbee. So I started running last night, in earnest. I ran 1.1 miles in 15 minutes on the treadmill. That seems horribly slow to me, but one has to start somewhere.

My hope is to run several times a week, if nothing else. I’d like to be ready for winter league ultimate when the time comes.

  1. I was there or slower when I started 🙂

  2. I never understood running “for fun”. I understand running as apart of a game — soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, for example. And, I understand running away from something (or someone). Running “for fun” though… it just never seemed to be “fun” =)

  3. Yea running! I love running, and I do think it is fun to run, yeah, call me one of those “crazy runner people.” It’s such a great stress reliever. Travis and I are going to start training to run a mini-marathon in May, I’m so excited! Keep up the good work, Dave, and if you ever feel up to entering a 5K race, let me know!

  4. yep, my wife is nuts.

  5. Ugh. The only excercise I will voluntarily do is swim, because you can’t feel yourself sweating. That and DDR. I should probably start doing that again; my endurance has gone straight down the crapper again…

  6. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that running is “fun”, by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, I do know that I need to start running in order to play ultimate more competitively. Such is the price.

    Hopefully, even though I don’t find it fun, I can still find it relaxing and a good endurance builder. Melissa got me that ipod shuffle for our anniversary, so I’m hoping to just zone out and run a few times a week. (:

  7. angel, I’m completely with you on the swimming thing. It’s nice and cool with no icky smelly sweaty pounding hurting feet… I hate running.

    I can handle an exercise bike, which I did for the first time in years last night.

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