30fps video, original 8088

This is probably the coolest hack I’ve seen in over a year. Full screen, full motion video running on an original 8088. That’s with sound!


  1. Okay that was truely amazing. And on some level very frightening.

    You know as frightening as that year old sour cream dip you find at the back of the fridge…

  2. yeah, I was pretty amazed. Makes me wonder how the whole thing got started. You know it had to be some sort of “bet that can’t be done” sort of thing.

  3. Since you got me wondering, I went out and googled the source of all this silliness. It was indeed a bet amongst persons of the old demo scene. Those were the days. Those old audio/video demos that you could download from BBSs are part of the reason I wanted to be a programmer.

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