Ug is a beautiful phrase. It is so expressive. Rather, it’s not expressive at all on its own, but it’s a perfect vehicle for body language to turn into an expressive smorgasborg (that’s certainly can’t be spelled correctly!). But, as I was saying before I interrupted myself: Ug.

It’s been a long week. The project I’ve been on was supposed to be delivered to the customer on Tuesday of this week, but lots of different things slipped. I found the memory leak that was holding my part back, so I’m basically ready to ship. Phew. For what it’s worth, “losing” a megabyte of ram every minute into the ether isn’t terribly productive on a system that needs to run for weeks on end. For those who care, I was generating a few linked list objects in an incorrect order, so they were not able to free themselves properly. Poor pointers. So misunderstood, such tangled little beasties they were. Emo pointers.

I saw a funny bumper sticker the other day. “I wish my grass was more emo, so it would cut itself.”. I chuckled.

It’s been an abnormally warm winter, but I’m not complaining. It’s nice to not shiver my brains out on the way to work. I wonder if it’s really climate change, or if it’s just normal sorts of up and down that a planet experiences over time?

Anyway, I just wanted to ramble for a few minutes. I think I’m in the mood to start posting again more often. The anti-post funk seems to be wearing off. Time will tell.

  1. Its okay nobody reads it anyway.


  2. Actually for a serious comment now 🙂

    Congrats on actually getting work! It might cause stress, but isn’t productivity on some level rewarding?

  3. yeah, it’s definitely more rewarding to have real work to do. The sense of accomplishment at work is almost beyond value.

  4. I thought “Ug” was the stereotypical cave-man name, with “Ugh” was the universal grunt of tired disgust.

    I finally got MY part of my project into satisfactory shape, when people start paying attention because your part is about to hold up a $$$$$$$$$ frontrunner project that should be paving the way for dozens more…it’s not a good feeling.

    And now, having used Linux in a commercial application, I loathe it. Oh it’s OK if you can babysit the machines all year, but trying to make it unattended-bulletproof is wishing for an ulcer.

  5. I know I’ve been saying that linux isn’t for the real world for a very long time… And considering most everything cool uses the BSD cores I guess a few other people think that too.

  6. the warmness is definitely welcome around here. hurts the skiing but helps the pocketbook.

    also, glad to hear the anti-post funk is thinning. i should be back in operation within the weekend, too!

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