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I added links to my lovely wife’s blog you have to check out her most recent post, it have a picture of the new puppy. (: I also linked Jerod back up, here’s hoping he continues to have success on Ted’s new server (or new HD, at least). Lastly, I’ve pre-emptively linked the new blog home of Jerome.

Enjoy. (:

  1. Is that Jerome of the Silver Hammer? Or some other Jerome of some lesser reknown?

  2. Did you read Jerry’s post today? Amazing, the depth of thought that went into it. It certainly leaves one hungry, yearning even, for more.

  3. Yeah, he’s quite the renaissance man, it would seem. 😛

  4. By the way, are you open for any further hosting? And able to host to specific domains? I’m in the market… 🙂

  5. Hey Jeremy. More than likely, I can help you out. Drop me some mail at moc.liamg@lgieh.divad and we can talk about it (:

  6. Wow,
    Jerry’s blog is awesome!
    His postings are so deep!
    It really is amazing how he has cultivated it.

    umm, ya.

  7. Wow. Suddenly I don’t feel so inadequate about my own post frequency. 😛

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