all my posts need titles

Some changes to the right bar: I moved the blogs that I’ve looked at for most of the summer, but seen no updates on to a new category. I demoted Jon’s blog down below Amy and Nate. I added a new section for People We’ve Never Met. I’ll occasionally add blogs there that I find interesting. No promises on if they’ll stay or not, but it shows what blogs I’m perusing at least occasionally. I guess this means that I’m finally stepping out of my immediate surroundings, so to speak.

I really enjoy kyriosity so far. I had to bite my virtual tongue to not add how much this entry (and comments) shines light on the music sharing issue. Too bad the music industry doesn’t feel this way. (granted, music sharing involves taking the media out of the ‘store’ so to speak) I’m trying to not comment on _all_ her posts right now. Very interesting blog.

BTW, if anyone who gets linked over there sees themselves, don’t feel obligated to provide links back here. Melissa and I won’t be hurt, and we don’t want you to be obligated. Natch.

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