Wanted: 15″ LCD monitor

I’ve been hunting for one of these for a few weeks now. I’ve not posted until now, because it always seems like they should be easier to find. I’d like a used 15″ LCD. It doesn’t need a working backlight, as I’ll be stripping that off anyway.

If you have one for sale, email me or leave a comment here. I’ll pay for the monitor and shipping. It just has to have a few specific features. If you leave me the make and model, I’ll be able to find out if it will work.


  1. Let us know how the project turns out. If I know what you’re up to — and I think I do — I’ve been considering doing the same thing.

  2. It seems you do know what I’m up to, and I will post progress on the project, good bad or indifferent. (:

  3. I can guess what this project is too! All I can say is there better be a cool video with flames if you fail!

  4. Ha, *I* know what you’re up to. I’m running about six months on mine. One of the most rewarding DIY projects I’ve ever done. I do not have an LCD to sell, but I can highly recommend the Samsung 150MP. It has composite, S-Video, and cable TV tuner inputs. It strips down easily and requires no cable extensions…only connected along one edge of the LCD. It only has the LCD edge board and a main logic board, connected by a wire cable instead of flat flex. The logic board is mounted inside a heavy-duty metal shield that is easily mounted and helps protect against bumps and heat. The front control panel board is detachable and connects with a wired cable that could be extended. The remote control sensor is attached with three wires and is very easy to extend outside the box. The monitor allows picture-in-picture so you could display a computer output with a video game or TV in one corner. I was able to find a 150MP for $140 on eBay. They can go for $300, but it’s worth lurking eBay for a couple weeks.

    Also, don’t underestimate the value of a spherical reflector. And see if you can get some of the 400W short-arc bulbs from China that “ywh” on the diyaudio.com forums sells.

  5. Ooh, I considered doing that a while ago, as well. Then I moved and forgot all about it. If things go well for you, I may add it to the ToDo list again.

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