It’s a bit weird, working in an office that’s fairly cleanly split between the atheist-agnostic camp and the Christian camp. Not that we’re not all friendly, because we are. People get along amazingly well around here. But I don’t know what to think about being wished a happy Easter by someone who doesn’t believe that Christ died for their sins and then rose again.

Because I *do* believe that. Christ died for me. I understand that to them, it’s just another holiday. But I can’t exactly wish them a happy Easter in return, now can I? Wouldn’t that be a bit thoughtless? Have a fun time celebrating the salvation event that you deny happened. Enjoy the rememberance of bodily resurrection of God himself in human flesh.

This post is just me thinking out loud as people filter out on their way home for the weekend.

  1. It’s interesting that you group athiest and agnostic, because to me there are very different groups.

    It’s like the difference between an anarchist and someone who doesn’t vote.

  2. Coming from an agnostic, …. it translates into roughly “I recognize that you are celebrating something that is important to you, and I wish you the best.” To which a perfectly valid response would be … “Thank you”

    Also, atheist, agnostic, … no where near the same thing, for the record. Not in my book anyways.

    Happy Easter! 😉

  3. Your point regarding the difference between agnostics and aetheists is well taken. It’s important to have things like that to take into consideration. (:

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