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My posts are a bit rarer than normal lately. I attribute this to the weather, and all the things I have to do around the house. Melissa and I are working on getting all our ducks in a row to replace the roof on our house.

We’re also trying to pick a good flooring for replacing nearly all the floors in our house. I’m *very* allergic to new carpet, and with all the animals making messes now and then, carpet is not an option. We’ve considered hardwood, but we’ve tossed out all except the pre-finished hardwoods, for two reasons. First, durability. Animals and babies are hard on flooring, and it would need to be refinished often. Second is the volatile compounds situation. Everytime you finish or refinish a hardwood floor, you’re exposing yourself to that many more volatile compounds as the finish cures. Those are the things I’m allergic to in the carpet, so that’s not really an option either.

So we’re left with ceramic tile, pre-finished hardwood or laminate. We’ve picked out a tile that we really like for the living room. We’re going to check out a few laminate options before we make a final decision, however.

Beyond that, not tons happening in house Heigl.

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  1. My old roommate’s mom is a VP of marketing for a bamboo flooring company.

    Something else to consider maybe. I’ve seen it in their house. Pretty spiffy. (But you have to get past the fact they also did the floor in the Clinton Library.)

  2. Which, by the way, happens to look like an unfinished warehouse or hastily constructed office building.

  3. The guy I work with had cork flooring put down in his house. It’s sort of like hardwood flooring, except it’s softer, see? He brought in a sample of it and it’s pretty cool. Durable, warm, easy to clean. . .and it’s cork! I think it’s a tad on the ‘spensive side, though. But it’s another option.

  4. I bet that Berber carpeting with natural fibers wouldn’t set off your allergies.

  5. In fact, looking at product documentation it appears to be ideal for allergy sufferers. Pricing is comparable to other options.

  6. Thank-you all for your input. I didn’t realize there was any carpet made of natural fiber. I’ve looked at bamboo at Home Depot, but their prices were insane. I’ll have to check your links.

    Lastly, Mel and I checked out cork at home depot, and pressing a thunbnail into it seemed to leave a permanant imprint. I think that would mean that dog and cat claws would prematurely wear the surface?

  7. One thing they don’t mention is that bamboo and cork don’t do so great in the midwest due to humidity.

    They do have a habit of swelling (and thusforth buckling) luckily in the case of bamboo the nature of it (well in its starch removal process) doesn’t actually cause mildue in most cases, cork however can start growing stuff.

    If you plan on running climate control all year round its not much of a problem, you just want to have a humidifier for the winter time (of course you might already plan on doing that, and if you didn’t it would give you and excuse to)

  8. My coworker has two dogs and I asked him about wear. He said it has not been a problem — no scratches or anything. He said it came with a urethane precoat. Do you have problems with urethane if it is already dry?

  9. You know we are getting old when flooring discusions become a hot topic of conversation.

    I’m a big tile fan. That’s all I have to say about that.

  10. I saw a house once that had a thin brick floor. It had a nice zigzag design. It was actually really cool. Probably not what you’re looking for though.

    So jerry, ever going to start your blog?

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