you can’t help you like the flava

Anyone like/dislike this color scheme more than the other one?

  1. AHHHHH!

    There is no longer an easy way to at-a-glance see who has posted.

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE MEL/DAVE COLOR SCHEME. Or different fonts. Or special borders. Or something. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  2. Or at least move the name of who posted to the top of the entry. If only the names “dave” and “melissa” appeared in a key color, that would be okay, too.

  3. sorry, but the letters on the side of each entry are even worse, IMHO. it obfuscates part of your entry. maybe if you lightened it, or started the entry text to the right of it, that would be better.

  4. okay, now i’m confused. i just refreshed your blog, and they’re gone. what gives?

  5. hehe, I was in the process of trying things. I was attempting to get the letters along the left to be a border. I didn’t want them behind the posts.

    you just happened to catch the site in between tests.

    Hopefully it should be obvious who made each post, until I find a better way.

  6. Um. Posting issues aside, the colors are b-yooo-tee-ful. Maybe a tad more contrast in the headers on the rhs.

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