Gamefest recap

So Gamefest VII was this past weekend and I think I’m finally recoverred enough to write about it. It was a good gamefest. It was looking like it was going to be smaller than in the past (and some notable past attendees were missing) but it turned out to be one of the largest gamefests to date. I think our peak was either 14 or 15 gamers. In other words, gamefest lives on another year. Warcraft III hero/tower maps and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory were the two staple games for this year.

Gamefest is growing in other ways as well. It makes me happy to see that gamefest is becoming a family event, in a way. All the couples having children is a beautiful thing to see. It makes me feel forlorne, in a way. Time is marching on, people are living life, chilren are born. Someday, these little children that are coming with us to gamefest will be the ones going to their own yearly gatherings, wondering about what makes life tick.

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