switch of the week

Bryan and I were discussing how much firefox crashes on us lately. For me, the main reason I still use it is for the tabs. We decided to devise a test. He’s going to try Maxthon, an IE derivative, for a week. I’ll be using Opera for that same week. Then we’ll swap. At the end of the week, we’ll write up our findings for all of you out there to enjoy.

  1. Are there any requirements involving how much you should learn about your browser? For example, if someone didn’t know what tabs were in firefox, they may not be that impressed, is there a minimum amount of feature reasearch that has been agreed upon. I think to get the most out of the test there should be 😉

  2. Actually the reason we’re embarking on this test is because we’ve already agreed that Tabs are good. Stability is good. Clean fast redering of pages is good.

    We just want to figure out how well done the implimentation is. As in the interface should be easy to understand with options readily available (i.e. no arcane menus)

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