Hey all. In the off chance that anyone out there in web-land has a Treo 600 or 650 that they want to sell for any reason, let me know. I’m looking to get a smartphone to consolidate my gadget stash and because Melissa’s phone is dying so it needs replacement.

So yeah, if you have one of those phones and want to upgrade or some such, now is a good time, since I’ll give you cash for your old schtuff. (:

  1. Good Luck getting one Dave!! I love my 650!

  2. I’ve actually heard nothing but bad things about the treo’s that people in my office have. Once guy has to restrain himself from throwing it against a wall on a regular basis. I think it may have to do with the lotus notes connector being a little unstable though.

  3. I just got one, it’s cool and everything…we use Goodlink and it only makes the phone spontaneously crash once or twice a day. TCPMP is responsible for more crashes, but forgivable. What is not forgivable is the fact that you have to buy a third-party utility (Volume Care) to actually use the phone in handset mode. Cheaper than a Bluetooth headset I guess, which is the other option for curing volume deficiency. And adds another battery to worry about.

    I may learn to hate it. It does make me do more work at home.

  4. I might have one for sale in a few months. Had a Treo 600 for the last two years…liked it a lot except for the fact that it was a first generation Treo.

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