two funnies. hehe.

So while I’m in slightly insomniac mode from excitement before the wedding, so I was reading blogs. If you have a minute and wish to read something funny that hearkens to the cheese whiz lab report (anyone have a copy of that?) read this post which deals with BMWs and coconuts.

Secondly, checkout this ad that I found whilst looking for a CD-R drive firmware update. disclaimer: if you find a woman’s midriff offensive, please do not click the link.

I mean, you gotta laugh at an ad like that. Look how skinny you could be!! hehe. It made me laugh. (it is animated, so if you have looping turned off in mozilla, you won’t get the full effect)

[update: ok, now I’m scared. I’ve run into another one of these ads. Two in one day is too much. Bleck!]

  1. Glad you liked the BMW thing.

  2. hehe, it was a hoot. I loved it. Props for a well written farse. (:

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