soda challenge

I was successful in not drinking soda pop for a week, as I had attempted to. The punch that I had at my parent’s house over Thanksgiving had some 7-up in it, but I wasn’t too worried about that.

In related news, Jones Soda is going to transition to cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup as their sweetener. Good news.

  1. Grats Dave! It’s interesting to hear that Jones is switching to cane sugar too. I like their sodas, but most of them have way too much sugar^H^H^H^H^H corn syrup in them for my taste, it’s like drinking straight sugar…

  2. I love cane sodas! Some people don’t like the cane taste because they are not use to it, but I think it taste great. Down here in Texas we can get Dublin Dr. Pepper (the original DP plant) which still uses Imperial cane sugar instead of corn syrup. It’s expensive, but oh it is good!

  3. Consume more corn syrup! Yeah!

    Anyway. . .despite my conflict of interest and my personal dislike for added sugars of any kind, I do think that HFCS has gotten a bad rap of late with little real evidence to back it up.

    I don’t drink soda very often for the simple reason that I don’t need the empty calories. Water is our friend!

  4. So you don’t buy the claim that the body doesn’t recognize fructose as readily, thus the insulin is administered incorrectly thinger, Jacod?

  5. I just like the taste of cane sugar.

  6. Nope, don’t buy it. Not without more conclusive evidence.

  7. Fair enough. Given the amount of money floating around on the HFCS side of the fence, I think we’d be hard pressed to find an objective study, in this country at least.

    From a subjective point of view, I do really enjoy Juarito’s soda. As a Mexican brand, it uses sucrose instead of fructose as a sweetener (no tariffs artificially inflating the sucrose prices there). That’s my only real data point on the taste differences between the two. As a child born in 1980, I have no idea what the major brands tasted like before they switched.

    I’m interested, at the very least, in the flavor of Jones soda once they switch.

  8. Yup, you’re probably right. No objective studies around here — or if there were, my boys at ADM would make sure that its results were shouted down by a media blitz involving misdirection and fact-twisting. 🙂

    I do know that there is a noticeable texture difference between sugar-sweetened and syrup-sweetened drinks. The syrup drinks feel smoother and it leaves a residue in one’s mouth.

    My personal philosophy is that drinks with added sweeteners of any kind should be imbibed infrequently at most. They generally contain no calories that are worth consuming and I only drink them when I feel like indulging my gluttonous side at the expense of my health. And when I’m in such a mood, there are other indulgences that give me more satisfaction than sweetened drinks.

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