Draggin’ the Line

Today went pretty well. I think I got quite a bit done. I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, helped my mom with her cleaning, and bathed both of my kitties. My brother offered to wash my car for me tomorrow. Yay, I’m hoping he’ll wax it too. It’s very important to me that the car looks great because I want to leave the ceremony in it.

Tomorrow will be jam-packed. I can hardly wait! I have to go and pick up my dress, pick up my mother’s dress, take my brother to the dentist, clean the inside of my car, go to the hair dresser, stop at the church to drop off my music, help prepare the food, and pick up Mikey from the airport. Yay, and then the party starts. I think we’ll all have tons of fun. So all in all, things are going very well and I am happy.

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